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Let's get acquainted?

As a child, I played doctor, and my mother was touched: now she will fulfill my old dream, she will become a pediatrician. The word pediatrician alarmed me, because I knew these people too well. The very first blood test from a vein, followed by fainting, put an end to a career that had begun so brilliantly. 

The next option was English Philology. There was less blood and more letters, and I agreed. 

Then there was a pedagogical foreign language in his native St. Petersburg, very beloved, with the best teachers, friends and the air of freedom of the 90s. Then the Belgian business school and 20 years of career in large international companies. 

Due to the revolutionary restlessness of St. Petersburg, I managed to work in sales, after-sales service, finance, advertising and marketing. And then came another crisis, as a result of which I left the corporate-employed world and became a coach and independent consultant. 

This has been going on for 7 years and is like a long return to yourself. Now I work with entrepreneurs, teams in business and individuals. The main themes are overcoming the crisis, personal transformation and leadership in coaching. In consulting - team building, a systematic approach to business growth, anti-crisis management. 

I worked in Germany, studied in America, lived in Canada and Turkey. Now my home is in three cities, I know 4 languages, I love to travel, expand my habitat, I love my magical Madagascar husband very much.