Corporate eng

Who are simplifiers?

In addition to all other divisions, people are divided into simplifiers (simplifiers) and complicators (complicators). I am a pronounced simplifier. This can annoy fans of meticulously prescribing a plan, counting pennies and looking at details. I am not so strong in this that 4 years spent in a position where it was necessary became a nightmare for me. 

I like to cut corners and find the shortest path to the treasure. Remember there are such pictures for children “help the bunny find the shortest path to the treasure” - this is my favorite game so far.  

I can't write long reports with wiring diagrams and don't like to read them, I scan them and look for the essence. I've always known that I can't be an engineer or someone who has to calculate everything carefully, like a pilot. 

I was such a quick solver - an implementer, and also a prompter of non-standard and sometimes even paradoxical solutions in the development of systems and products. This is my strength. Unfortunately, it is not needed in the operational activities of companies, so I prefer to work on projects when something needs to be developed and quickly implemented, and then it is transferred to long-distance stayers.